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Business Waste Reduction Toolkit

The business waste reduction toolkit is a great resource for reducing waste in your business. Download it from the link below.

Why Reduce Commercial Waste?

Here are seven reasons why businesses in Albury, Corowa, Greater Hume, Wodonga, Towong, and Indigo local government areas should be concerned about waste:

  • Business waste is likely to be more than 5-10 times more than just the waste management cost you currently pay. There are plenty of ‘hidden costs’ in waste. These include:
    • Purchasing of additional materials that are wasted;
    • The labour costs of working with materials that end up as waste;
    • The water and energy costs to handle the waste; and
    • A loss of revenue for handling or working with a material if it ends up being waste.
  • Almost 50% of business waste that ends up in landfills in Australia is made up of organic, degradable materials that emit greenhouse gases as they break down. Many materials could be diverted before reaching the waste stream or could have potential resource value if recycled.
  • The NSW and Victorian Governments have set state recycling targets of 80% for the business sector. Local government areas are currently falling well short of these targets.
  • Businesses in the greater Albury region generate approximately 62% of the waste that is sent to Albury Waste Management Centre.
  • A waste characterisation study carried out on commercial and industrial waste coming in to Albury Waste Management Centre in 2014 found that more than a third of the waste sent to the landfill from this sector was recyclable material including paper, cardboard, metal, plastics, timber and glass.
  • It makes sense to look at ways to reduce waste from your business as it may save you money and may present opportunities for increased business efficiency.
  • Waste avoidance, reuse and recycling makes a strong contribution to preserving the Albury region’s beautiful natural environment. A commitment to the environment can also attract new customers, reduce overheads and build company, community and investor confidence.



Sometimes a fresh set of eyes with a different perspective can make all the difference.
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We’ll develop a tailored action plan for your business to help you better manage your waste. This should result in cost savings and improved recycling rates.



Halve Waste is an initiative of Albury City Council, City of Wodonga and the Shires of Towong, Greater Hume, Corowa and Indigo. The goal of Halve Waste is to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by 50% by 2020.


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