Making the big difference.

Halve Waste and the 3 bin system have been working really well in our communities.

Our goal is to Halve our total waste by 2020 and we’re well on track for that.

We’re wrapped to be sharing our handy tips, but it’s you guys, the community getting behind it that is making the big difference.

In every household, business, school, backyard or front yard, you’re taking the time to reduce, re-use and recycle which means you’re
taking time to look after what’s important, our environment, our communities and our future.

So let’s keep it up, keep doing good together and halve our waste by 2020.

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1. Knowing what goes into each of your 3 bins is very important. Sorting your waste properly and flattening large items will make the most of your bin space. Learn more about recycling >

2. Mulching is great for the garden, make the most of autumn leaves or compost and reuse on garden beds. Find out more garden tips >

3. Australians currently use over 4 billion plastic bags at the checkout every year. Making a change is simple; next time you shop just say ‘no thanks’ and use your own reusable bags.

4. Containers can be reused to grow seeds or cuttings in and are terrific for school craft projects. See more tips >