Reducing Kitchen Waste

Creating unnecessary waste in the kitchen can be avoided. Uni students know you’ve got to try and stretch your dollars as far as they’ll go.

Takeaway chews up the budget big time and leaves a stack of waste. Wasting food is a terrible waste of money, there’s no getting away from it. But it is possible to save both food and money by becoming a savvy meal planner. Getting creative with planning your meals. Cooking in batches is the go, which means less waste and less clean up.


Other Ways to Minimise Kitchen Waste

1. Cook from scratch. So much money is wasted on packaging when we buy items from the supermarket that are branded and have fancy designed labels. Sauces, dips, store-bought yoghurt and other such foods are also laden with preservatives, colours, sugar and salt. By planning to cook more from scratch you’ll be saving money.
2. Cooking in batches and then freezing single-sized portions to use later on can save you hours in the kitchen as well as your energy and food costs. Not only that, but batch cooking also means you can plan to use your perishable items before they go bad.
3. Make a shopping list and stick to it. That way you won’t over buy (or over spend) and you’ll cut down on kitchen waste by minimising the amount of food spoilage and tossing out less food.
4. Use reusable shopping bags. They’re great for trips to the store and they protect your fresh fruit and veggies from damage and bruising better than plastic bags, which means less waste.