Smart Shopping Choices Can Reduce Waste

Limiting what goes in our bins can start before you’ve even left the shops. For example, over half of the single use water bottles end up in landfill, or end up littering our environment. By switching to a reusable, refillable water bottle we can make sure we stay hydrated without harming the environment and just one of the few ways to help us keep doing good.

There are a number of reusable items you can purchase and reuse again and again in order to make your life more sustainable, help preserve energy and reduce waste to landfill. Here are a few tips that can make a difference:


Reusable Options

1. Reusable shopping bags; Australians currently use over 4 billion plastic bags at the checkout every year. Making a change is simple; next time you shop just say ‘no thanks’ and use your own bag.
2. Reusable lunch boxes, containers or water bottles; Buy in bulk for those school lunches, less wrappers means less waste and you can now get lunch boxes with compartments for different little snacks.
3. When purchasing items, avoid heavily packaged foods or choose items with recyclable packaging. Purchasing your meat from the deli, nice and fresh, get the exact amount you’re after and less plastic too.
4. Reusable coffee cups; We all love our coffee, but every year thousands of disposable coffee cups that are a complicated mixture of paper and
plastic, are sent to landfill. By using a reusable coffee cup, we are causing less disposable cups to be produced, lowering the amount of cups sent to landfill and saving the energy and resources that would otherwise be consumed.