The Christmas holidays creates a spike in waste whether it be general waste, recycling or food waste. But there are ways to still enjoy the festive season, exchange gifts and create memories with family and friends. 

One of the first steps is to reduce the waste you purchase, this reduces all waste going into any bin. Here are just a few Halve Waste Christmas tips that will help to do more good and reduce waste.


1. Share Experiences and Time Together

Rethinking our ideas about Christmas gift giving. Why not see your local council’s tourism guide and book an experience locally the whole family will enjoy?  There are so many experiences locally from Berry picking to canoeing, hiking to horseback riding.

2. Gifts that Last 

If you are gift giving, why not think about purchasing good quality gifts that will last longer than your Christmas get-together. Local traders have some great options and you can see how the item is packaged and what the quality is like rather than online purchases.

3. Wrapping & Decorations

Presents can be wrapped in old decorative paper like calendars or even a new tea towel, T-shirt or scarf makes the gift even more unique! 

4. Living Gifts

Why not head to your local nursery and grab a living tree instead of a plastic one – it could then become part of the garden after Christmas. 

5. Decorations that create traditions

There are some beautiful Christmas decorations made from wood or material that will last so well they might even become a family heirloom.

6. A Kids Christmas

Having trouble resisting the urge to fill kids stockings with meaningless junk?
Tip “Something You Want, Something You Need, Something To Wear, And Something To Read”

7. Christmas is a Feast

Contact local food suppliers to order food or think about visiting your local farmers markets. Many of these vendors produce is also minimally packaged. You can also chat to them to purchase the right amount of food for your guests and avoid wasted food! – don’t forget your reusable bags!

8. Dining Outdoors?

Why not think about a picnic set for outdoor gatherings or as a great gift idea. It’s always  handy to have more plates and cutlery for home if you are hosting festive get-togethers and ditch the disposables.

9. Fun Kris Kringles

Why not organise a “OpShop Kris Kringle” this year for work or family?  Set a $10 limit and have a great laugh, whilst supporting local charities.  You never know what you might end up with! For a bit of extra fun make it a “Stealing Santa Kris Kringle”

Remember – if you do have excess packaging like boxes and paper over the Christmas period you can drop these for free at your local transfer station. 

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