Collectively, Australians send about 6000kg of textiles to landfill every 10 minutes. Charity shops often bear the brunt of being lumped with clothing and items not fit for sale and pay $13 million a year to send unusable donations to landfill. This represents 60,000 tonnes of waste.

We know where possible, we can repair or repurpose items but what do we do with textiles that aren’t in good enough condition to donate or repair? Luckily, we have some local solutions that may help you avoid sending them to landfill.

Clothes and Fabrics

Vinnies Lavington are offering to accept clothes/fabrics not fit for sale if they are bundled up into a 10kg bag, labelled clearly as NOT FIT FOR SALE and dropped off to the Lavington Store during business hours. They will then send them for recycling, saving them from landfill. 

Vinnies are now recycling 100% of the clothes/fabrics it can’t sell in its shops due to them not being fit for sale and exporting them to partners who recycle the textiles into their re/CYCLE range which include throw blankets, beach towels, tea towels, rugs and cushions that are being sold at Vinnies Lavington, one of four shops across NSW.

Towel, Sheets and Quilt Covers

You can recycle your old towels, sheets and quilt covers at the Sheridan Albury store. Sheridan is partnering with its Australian partner, Textile Recyclers Australia (TRA) to divert textiles from landfill and converting the material into recycled yarn that is repurposed into new products. Planet Ark also offer alternative suggestions for other textile waste:

Old Sport Shoes Recycling

Our Rebel Sports Albury Store is a collection point to recycle your old sports shoes otherwise destined for landfill. The Save Our Soles Footwear Recycling Initiative Pilot program organise for our old smelly sports shoes to be converted into products like gym mats and playgrounds. For more info visit:

Duvets, Quilts and Pillows

Unfortunately, things like duvets and pillows aren’t something we can recycle. We encourage people to connect with their local animal shelters as they often need goods like that or consider treating your own pet with a comfy new bed.

Don’t Dump it!

A reminder not to leave bags or items around full charity bins, these often get wet and damaged resulting in your charitable items ending up in landfill. Please hold onto them until there is room or look for another shop or bin to ensure your donations can help others.

Would I Give it to a Friend?

By using this rule of thumb, it will mean that the items donated can be sold to help support those less fortunate. Items that are not fit for sale often end up in landfill and just become the charity’s problem instead of yours.

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