Sanctuary Salon & Spa is located in Albury, we caught up with Stuart to discuss how this local business is making a difference. Sanctuary Salon & Spa contacted Halve Waste for help with their waste practices to ensure the business was diverting all it could from landfill.

Business Doing Good – Sanctuary Salon & Spa, Albury

What were the key learnings for you after the free waste assessment?

We were keen to see how recycling had progressed since a waste assessment a couple of years ago as we were still generating a fair bit of general waste. Having Halve Waste come back to assist us helped refresh our understanding of what can be recycled.

It is quite surprising how much waste a salon can produce as a by-product of services and most of it is recyclable nowadays, for example hair can be composted and foil, empty metal tubes, caps and cardboard boxes can all be recycled. Waxing services require single-use products that must be double bagged and placed in general waste. Takeaway coffee containers are still common and being waxed paper they also go into general waste.

How has the Sanctuary Salon & Spa been able to improve their “recycling”?

We have been able to separate and channel our waste into 5 separate collection bins. A small caddy for organic waste, a plastic bag for soft plastics, a 20 litre bin for recyclables, a 20 litre bin for bottle and cans covered by the “Return and Earn” scheme and lastly general waste.

How long did it take to implement changes and how engaged were the staff with these changes?

From initial audit to final changes took a few weeks. The team were engaged from the start, without them being actively involved and taking ownership, the solution would never become effective. Now the system is policed by everyone in the business.

What have the changes meant for the business?

Our waste collection bills have halved and being in a public service industry we are well placed to talk and educate our guest base in how they can make changes in their homes and businesses. We estimate that three quarters of what we used to consider as our general waste is now being recycled or composted.

Any other feedback information pertinent to the story?

The time and education provided by the Halve Waste team made the whole process easy and manageable.

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