Label Your Bins

Put your number on your bin, especially if you are in a unit complex.


Put your bins at the kerbside for collection the night before or by 6am on the morning of collection.

Not Too Close

Place your bins away from overhanging trees, as these get in the way of the truck.

Bin Placement

Close to the kerb – at least 1 metre apart and away from trees, cars, and other obstructions. Wheels towards the property.

Don’t Overfill

The bin lid must be closed for collection. The truck’s mechanical arm cannot lift overfilled bins. Extra items placed on top or next to the bin will not be collected.


The wrong items placed in bins could contaminate whole truck loads of material collected for recycling or green waste. This could result in the whole truck being sent to landfill. If contamination is on-going, Cleanaway will have no option but to withdraw your service.

Too Heavy

Be mindful of the materials you are putting in your bin, the truck’s mechanical arm cannot lift over 80kg.

Car Obstructions

Residents are responsible for allowing a clear roadway on bin collection days, blocked roads and limited turning capabilities will prevent bins from being collected.


Bins, liners and kitchen caddies are allocated to each property. If you move, don’t take your bins with you. Contact your local council if you don’t have all your bins when you move into a property.


No one likes the look of bins on the kerb for a week! Remember to remove your bins from the kerbside on the day of collection once they have been emptied. Fines apply in certain council areas.

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