Why Reduce Business Waste? 

  • Decrease costs
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Drive positive environmental and behaviour changes
  • Demonstrate industry leadership
  • Contribute to preserving the regions’s beautiful natural environment






Make a Positive Change and Save with a Free Waste Assessment!

Are you concerned about the amount of waste your business is sending to landfill? Sometimes a fresh set of eyes with a different perspective can make all the difference. We’ll develop a tailored action plan for your business to help you better manage your waste. This should result in cost savings and improved recycling rates.

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Bin Trim 

Bin Trim is here to improve your waste management – for free – and may help you save time and money, while caring for the environment.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority’s Bin Trim program is helping businesses with up to 400 staff reduce their waste and improve their recycling efforts. Businesses located in the Albury, Greater Hume and Federation Councils are eligible for a FREE waste assessment through the Bin Trim program.

Avoiding, reusing and recycling isn’t just good for the planet; it’s good for your business, helping to:

  • save money on waste disposal
  • attract more customers
  • increase staff morale
  • gain recognition for your business
  • reduce your impact on the environment.


Roughly 70% of the things in your general waste bin can be reused or recycled. From cardboard, paper and hard plastic through to food waste – so much of this ends up in the general waste bin, when it could be put to use.

A Bin Trim assessor may be able to conduct a free waste and recycling assessment and produce a tailored action plan for your business.

A Bin Trim waste assessor will:

  • visit you to take your details and register you in the Bin Trim program
  • review your business waste
  • help you get started by working with you to create a waste reduction action plan
  • see if your business is eligible for a rebate to help out with buying equipment
  • provide practical support and advice to help your business put your plan into action.


Rebates between $1,000 and $50,000 are available to help with the cost of recycling equipment. Your Bin Trim assessor will help you to apply.

Get involved

Find out more about the Bin Trim program, you can contact the team at Albury City Council directly in the below form to request a free waste assessment for your business.

If you are a business located in Wodonga, Indigo or Towong Shire Council, please fill out our form for a free waste assessment through the Halve Waste program
(no rebates applicable).

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Invest in your Team 

Halve Waste offer free waste education to your staff so everyone is on the same page. In the meantime, consider allocating the following tasks to staff to kickstart their training:

Know what your waste is – complete a waste audit. A quick look in your bins will help you to understand the types of waste and how much waste your business produces. This is key to identifying practical reduction and recycling options. Contact us for more information on how to conduct your own audit.

Introduce a waste reduction program – this is a great way to build cooperation and knowledge amongst your staff on reducing waste. Appoint a waste management coordinator who can identify local recyclers and establish a program for your business’s needs. Often these types of programs are proven to be most successful when employee driven.

Review your products – consider whether the cost of disposing of materials is more than the cost of producing or buying them. Could your business use fewer materials in packaging, or better still, reuse or recycle them?

It’s Easy to do Good

Using resources sustainably is not only good for the environment, it can also improve your profit and reputation with customers. Start by contacting your local Transfer Station or Waste Management Centre and enquire about prices for separated waste that may be able to be recycled.


Sustainability Victoria

NSW Environment Protection Authority

EPA Victoria

Planet Ark

How Can I Reduce My Commercial Food Waste?

The Halve Waste program is focused on reducing food waste in landfill as it increases our greenhouse gas emissions and is a waste of useful resources.

Commercial food waste can be collected and processed into fertilisers which are beneficial in the reconditioning of soils in our farmlands. Soil health, water retention and crop yields will improve when these fertilisers are applied to land. 

  • Does your business generate food waste? 
  • Are you interested in having that waste become a valuable soil conditioner for farmers?


Uneaten food in the pre-rinse area of a restaurant kitchen sink. These are the smaller food particles washed off plates with a sprayer nozzle before the plate goes into the dishwasher. This would make a good food waste concept image.
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How Can I Reduce My Business Waste?

Here are some tips to increase recycling and reduce waste from your business operations.


Educate your staff. Halve Waste offer free waste education to your staff so everyone is on the same page.

Purchase materials with recycled content where possible.

Organise your waste management system and label your bins clearly to encourage staff to sort recyclables correctly.


Reuse or recycle all materials where possible, to avoid disposal to landfill. 

Talk to your waste contractor about your waste. They may have a recycling solution or cheaper rate that applies to some of your waste materials.

If you own a small business, consider forming a partnership with neighbouring businesses to share waste recycling and collection costs.

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