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Halve Waste was established in 2010, this program was initiated to support the six councils that utilise the Albury Waste Management Centre as owned by AlburyCity Council. The goal was to implement behavioural change education to the communities to benefit the environment and secure the landfill asset for the long term.   

In 2010 a levy was introduced at the Albury Waste Management Centre for AlburyCity, Wodonga Council, and the Shires of Federation, Indigo, Greater Hume and Towong with the proceeds used to develop and implement waste diversion programs under the brand Halve Waste. 

In 2010, the goal of Halve Waste was to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by 50% by 2020. Having achieved that goal, the organisation’s new goal has increased to 80% by 2030. 

In 2012, AlburyCity, Wodonga Council, and the shires of Federation, Indigo and Greater Hume signed a kerbside waste collection contract with Cleanaway for a 12-year period. Four councils (AlburyCity, Federation Shire, Indigo Shire and Wodonga Council) opted to implement a 3-bin system to collect food organics and garden organics waste (FOGO). The introduction of this service allowed these councils to meet state-imposed landfill reduction and environmental targets, whilst also offering significant community benefits in extending the life of the Albury Waste Management Centre and increasing household waste diversion.

Halve Waste have now expanded its education program from 6 to 18 councils. We aim to:

  • Meet state municipal waste diversion targets by significantly reducing waste to landfill
  • Make use of a previously unrecovered resource, and
  • Reduce methane emissions to Regional landfills.

We thank each council and its constituents for their ongoing support of our cause and encourage you to spread the word about the importance of our work. 

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