Inspiring kids to eat healthy, waste less and be change-makers in their local community.

The Halve Waste spotlight is on FEAST (Food Education And Sustainability Training)

FEAST is a Year 5 and 6 curriculum-aligned education program, inspiring kids to eat healthy, waste less and become change-makers in their local community. Like any good FEAST, it’s designed to be fun, engaging and filled with good food!

It runs for 7-10 weeks and is aligned to the Australian Curriculum STEM and English Learning Areas. The culmination of the program is the ‘School Cookbook’ which brings to life everything the students have learnt about food waste and healthy eating.

Ozharvest currently have funding for primary schools in our region so be quick to register to secure your program for free! This gives schools unlimited access to all educational resources, professional development training, kitchen kit to be able to cook in a classroom environment (no kitchen needed), and ongoing support!  For more information visit FEAST or get in touch with

FEAST at home

Inspire and get the whole family involved. Continue learning about healthy eating and reducing food waste at home with these fun, hands-on activities. Learn all about reducing your food print, be creative in the kitchen with food that would otherwise would go to waste and learn about safety and hygiene when preparing food. FEAST at home documents are accessible and free for everyone to use. The documents are editable so there’s no need to print them.

Getting hungry? Start cooking with your kids at home with these simple but delicious recipes. Encourage creativity and challenge your kids to think about food waste, sustainability and cooking in a new way!

Do not forget to let your local primary school know about the FEAST program to help inspire future change-makers. 

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