It’s a daily fix and we are hooked. On the border over 10,000 takeaway coffee cups are used every single day! Our love affair with coffee comes at a cost. Most people think these disposable coffee cups are environmentally friendly. They’re wrong, they actually have  plastic embedded in the lining of the cup which makes the cups liquid-proof but also make its too difficult and expensive to reprocess, that is why they cannot be recycled in your yellow-lidded recycling bin.  

Most consumers don’t realise when they’re using that disposable coffee cup that it’s going to outlast their time on Earth. These cups have a plastic lining that end up in landfill where they never break down. 

Coffee cups now make up the second largest contributor to litter in this country behind plastic bottles. We grab that coffee cup, we get that caffeine fix and then we forget about it. 

There’s lots consumers can do to make a difference and minimise their use of single-use products. The first thing of course is to be aware of the problem. We need to reduce the use of single-use plastics. It’s simply about thinking: where does that cup go next? 

You’ve got a decision that you make when you’re going to get that coffee. Why not use a reusable cup whether at home, work or on the go. 

It’s simple answer, just take your own cup along, it’s easy to do good.  

Other Great Reusable Cup Options

Ceramic cup with a handy travel lid 

Spill proof, keeps your coffee hot for 5 hours

Take your favourite cup to the office

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