Red Bantam is a leading taskforce that provides people with a disability with employment preparation including skills in a real-life workplace, as well as supported employment. Their programs include recycling and repurposing of used fabric, cardboard and paper that saves tonnes of waste from ending up in landfill every year.  

Q. Tell us about Red Bantam’s fabric and cardboard and paper recycling projects  

Red Bantam diverts fabric products that would otherwise go to landfill with our rag business. Products like sheets and towels from hospitals, motels and hotels that are no longer required are recycled and repurposed into workshop rags for mechanic shops, factories and other workshops in our area. We receive approximately 3000 kgs of fabric per month, diverting it from landfill. That equates to around 36 tonnes per year that are processed and then go on to local businesses to have a second life as workshop rags. We also recycle fabric products into dog toys, buttons, pom-poms, and other decorative items. 

Red Bantam collects cardboard and undelivered pamphlets from businesses to create new products that can be sold. Examples of products created include perforated weed-matting and shredded cardboard and paper that are used to create paper bricks or used for poultry and pet bedding. These products are available for purchase for both the public and businesses.  

Q. What items does Red Bantam accept for recycling and where can they be dropped off to? 

Red Bantam accepts sheets, doona’s, cotton and cotton blend towels, cotton fabric items, linen, flannelette and adult sized T-shirts sheets. Jeans and synthetic items are not accepted, and all donated items must be clean and without sequins, lace and ribbons on them. 

Unwaxed, clean cardboard is accepted and cannot have any stickers or tape attached.  

RED BANTAM are also helping local schools, clubs and organisations in their fundraising by paying $1 per kilo for these types of fabrics as a fundraising initiative. All they need to do is register as a fundraising organisation with us. 

Q. What other services does Red Bantam offer?  

The key other service that RED BANTAM offers is a NDIS employment skill building program that can be accessed by young people with disabilities who would like to learn about having a job, and to get a real-time, real-life work experience in an industrial setting.  

In addition to the rag, cardboard and paper recycling, Red Bantam also provides mowing and garden care services. Red Bantam also offers employees to support businesses in roles such as admin, shredding, cutting, labels, packaging and customer service.  

Q. What are the most rewarding things about your work?  

The most rewarding things about our work include: 

  • Re-purposing materials that would otherwise go to landfill  
  • Supporting young adults with disabilities to grow their skills towards employment 
  • Providing meaningful supported employment to people with a disability 
  • Seeing people happy, engaged, and building confidence  
  • Seeing young people with disabilities gain employment after their time with us out in other local businesses. 
  • But most of all, showcasing these young people as contributors in our community; young people who are making a tangible difference to sustainability and protecting our environment. 



Larger donations can be picked up by arrangement within Albury and Wodonga.  Smaller donations can be dropped directly to us at, 
Unit 5 626 Dallinger Road, LAVINGTON, or dropped into the red bin at the front door of PURPLE CHICKEN café in 445 David Street, Albury.

Contact us for more information:
Phone: 0447 918 763
Email: [email protected]


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