Reduce Waste

In Australia alone, that’s 18,000 tonnes of sanitary waste going to landfill every year.
Switching to reusables is a striking example of how seemingly small personal choices can have a tremendous positive impact on our environment.

Health Benefits

Do you ever wonder what is in the disposable pads and tampons? If you have experienced irritations or allergies or are concerned about any other health impacts from using disposables, reusables may help alleviate these concerns.

Reduce Cost

Good for Your Budget *
Disposables-$120 per year
Cloth pads-$30 per year
Menstrual cup- $5 per year

*Based on an average of $10 per month for disposables, $150 for cloth pads that last five years and $55 for menstrual cups that last for ten years.

If you are needing additional information please contact us for guidance on how to choose a reusable option, we have a selection of reusable products that we can show you. Email:

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