Reduce Waste

In Australia alone, that’s 18,000 tonnes of sanitary waste going to landfill every year.
Switching to reusables is a striking example of how seemingly small personal choices can have a tremendous positive impact on our environment.

Health Benefits

Do you ever wonder what is in the disposable pads and tampons? If you have experienced irritations or allergies or are concerned about any other health impacts from using disposables, reusables may help alleviate these concerns.

Reduce Cost

Good for Your Budget *
Disposables-$120 per year
Cloth pads-$30 per year
Menstrual cup- $5 per year

*Based on an average of $10 per month for disposables, $150 for cloth pads that last five years and $55 for menstrual cups that last for ten years.

If you are needing additional information please contact us for guidance on how to choose a reusable option, we have a selection of reusable products that we can show you. Email:

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Application Form

Halve Waste Reusable Menstrual Product Rebate Program

Halve Waste Campaign

Halve Waste is a waste reduction campaign that is an initiative of AlburyCity Council, City of Wodonga and the Shires of Indigo, Federation, Greater Hume and Towong.  Launched at Albury Waste Management Centre (AWMC) in June 2010, Halve Waste was designed to engage all sectors of the community to reduce waste and increase recycling in the Halve Waste regions and bringing businesses, schools, community groups and residents together to face waste challenges head on to decrease waste to landfill. 

Halve Waste’s objectives are to:

1.     Reduce the region’s waste by active recycling

2.     Engage and inform the community about waste management

3.     Reduce the total amount of waste buried at the Albury Waste Management Centre

Using reusable menstrual products rather than disposable ones is one way you can contribute to achieving these aims.

Purpose of the Reusable Menstrual Product Rebate

Our Reusable Menstrual Product Rebate Program offers Halve Waste residents the opportunity to access financial assistance in support for using reusable menstrual products.  

Halve Waste residents can receive back half of the cost of reusable menstrual products up to the value of $100. Minimum spend $50. Example: Spend $200, receive $100 rebate. Spend $50, receive $25 rebate.

This applies to reusable menstrual products purchased from July 1st 2021 until the funds are expended.

The rebate will be paid as an electronic gift card so please be sure to submit your correct email address and mobile phone number. 

The rebate is on a first in first served basis, until funds are exhausted. Each Council area has a set amount of funding available therefore, once the funding is allocated, no more funding can be provided regardless of the eligibility of application.

To evaluate applications, Halve Waste only accepts applications on this form.  To submit your application form, please complete and email to Halve Waste (details on Page 2).  Answer all applicable questions and attach receipts and residential proof as requested.

Note: Please read the Terms and Conditions below. By submitting this application, the applicant acknowledges they have read and understood the terms and conditions.

Part A - Applicant details:

Dateof Application
Nameyour full name
Mailing Address
Council Area
Contact Number

Part C - Documents required

  • Please upload a copy of your original receipt or proof of purchase.
  • Please upload proof of residence details (eg. rates notice, utility bill).

A copy of receipt of purchase must include:

  • Your name
  • Company name of purchase
  • Date of purchase
  • Cost and name of items purchased

Proof that you live in the Halve Waste Councils of either: Albury, Wodonga, Indigo, Greater Hume, Federation and Towong.

One of the following must be provided:

  • A recent utility bill
  • Concessions card
  • Rates notice or similar
  • Drivers licence with address details

Rebates will not be approved if the above documentation is not provided. Successful rebate applications will be paid into the bank account of your choice. More information is supplied in the Terms and Conditions.

Part D

How to submit your proposal:

The completed application form must be submitted electronically. 

Got a question? Please email us at


I confirm that the Applicant agrees to the terms and conditions relating to the rebate program of Halve Waste. I confirm that all information provided in or with this application is true and complete. The Applicant acknowledges that Halve Waste is under no obligation to make a financial rebate even though the Applicant meets all guidelines and eligibility criteria requirements.


Reusable Menstrual Products Rebate Program Terms and Conditions

• This form is not to be altered in any way.

• Halve Waste residents may receive half of the cost on Reusable Menstrual products back up to the value of $100. Minimum spend of $50. Example: Spend $50, receive $25 rebate.

• The reusable menstrual product rebate does not include materials and items used to hand-made reusable pads or underpants.

• Rebate for reusable pads, menstrual cups and period-proof underwear are all accepted in the rebate. 

• When reusable menstrual products are purchased within a kit or gift pack, the price of any non-eligible products (non reusable menstrual products) will be deducted from the rebate. 

• Reusable Menstrual products purchased online are acceptable, but the cost of postage is not included in any rebate paid.

• The applicant must be the occupant of the property requesting the rebate.

• The applicant must provide current proof of residence, e.g rates notice or utility bill. The proof of residence must be dated within 3 months of the proof of purchase date.

• The rebate program will run until the funds are expended.

• The applicant must provide a copy of the receipt or proof of purchase. It must include the company name, date, and clear identification of name and cost of each individual item purchased.

• Applications and receipt or proof of purchase must fall between 1 July and June 30 each year.

• The copy of invoice of proof or purchase must be a whole copy, not partial copy.

• Only one application per household, per year is accepted for this rebate, however multiple receipts for the one application will be accepted.

•  Applications are to be submitted via electronic form. If an applicant does not have computer access, entries can be completed via mail on request.

• Halve Waste holds no responsibility for following up missing information supplied by the applicant. 

• Halve Waste holds the right to reject any application and the decision will be final. 

• There is only limited funding for the rebate and once the funding is allocated, no more funding can be provided regardless of eligibility of application. Funding is not automatic on application.

• Successful applicants will be advised by email.

• Halve Waste collects personal information about applicants in order to facilitate the rebate program and will not use this information for any other purpose. Halve Waste uses and manages applicant’s personal information in accordance with its privacy policy and does not pass on that information to a third party.

•  Halve Waste reserves the right to modify these rebate conditions at any time and to cancel or amend the rebate at any time without notice or further recourse to the applicants.

I consent to be added to the Halve Waste Mailing listWe are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 and the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002). We may collect information about you for 2 reasons: firstly, to process your request and second keep you informed with updates.
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