We’re wrapped to be sharing our handy tips, but it’s you guys, the community getting behind it that is making the big difference.

In every household, business, school, backyard or front yard, you’re taking the time to reduce, re-use and recycle which means you’re taking time to look after what’s important, our environment, our communities and our future.

So let’s keep it up, keep doing good together.

In June 2024 the townships within the Towong Shire Council will join much of the region in launching the 3 bin kerbside recycling system in their communities.

More information will be supplied and advertised in the lead up to the launch. Key to the changes will be the updated collection frequencies. 


Knowing what goes into each of your 3 bins is very important. Sorting your waste properly and flattening large items will make the most of your bin space.

Towong Shire Council will be changing from a 2 bin system to 3 bins

With the 3 bins all food and garden wastes are collected weekly in the green lidded bin and this has been shown to reduce general waste by 50% in other areas.  Most household packaging such as aluminium and steel cans, paper and cardboard, formed plastics such as milk bottles can be added to your yellow lidded bin for recycling. 

This represents a significant increase in the volume of waste collected per residence and Halve Waste is supporting your community to adjust to these changes in the lead up to the service launch.

If you are a resident or community group want to know more about the changes please email us [email protected]

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