From Waste to Wonder

Have you ever really thought about what happens to your waste after you put it in the recycling bin or take it to a transfer station or community recycling centre?

Our Waste to Wonder campaign launched in November to showcase the types of products being made with common items we all recycle. Did you know old tyres can be made into athletic surfaces or glass into netball courts? What about plastic bottles into teddy bears? We really do turn everyday into play when we recycle! Want to know more? Why not take the quiz or book in for one of our community tours or talks?

Road Show

We had such a great time getting out to our councils and towns for our Recycling Roadshow, but if you didn’t have the chance to catch up with us we thought we would highlight a few items we see in the yellow lidded recycling bin that can be recycled if they are taken to the right place, however they can cause real headaches for our recyclers if you put them in the yellow recycling bin. 

Gas bottles and batteries of any type are dangerous and do not belong in any kerbside bin and can cause explosions and fires in collection trucks and at the landfill.  Plus they are easy to recycle at your local transfer station.

Fabrics can also cause machinery to become tangled but did you know clean and dry fabrics can have many uses?

Linen can be useful for tradies and renovators as paint sheets or rags, old towels can be cut into squares and make excellent household cloths or replace paper towel use (cotton towels are super absorbent!).  A quick zig-zag stitch or overlock around the edges will stop fraying – think of the savings in paper towel use.  If you aren’t a sewer there are a number of businesses selling these types of products locally now. 

Some pet rescue centres and vets do require clean towels from time to time so reach out to your local centre to see if they require any of these items

Local Boomerang Bags groups have literally saved tonnes of fabric going to landfill as they make reusable shopping bags out of donated fabrics like old curtains.  Check out the groups for more information.

It’s easy to remember what should be in your recycling bin – any household rigid packaging that held food or toiletries – and they really only fall into 6 categories.  Cardboard, Paper, Hard Plastic containers (think shampoo bottle and yoghurt pot, Glass bottles and jars, Aluminium packaging and steel cans.  Everything else can either be recycled at your local centre (gas bottles, metals, polystyrene, tyres, ewaste and batteries) RedCycle for soft plastics or should be in general waste.

90% of Polystyrene is Air!

Polystyrene collected or transferred to the Albury Waste Management Center gets put onto a machine that chops it up and melts it down to large, dense tic-tac shaped lumps that get transported overseas to be made into a variety of products including: photo frames, skirting boards, benchtops and toys.  Polystyrene packaging can take up a lot of room in your general waste bin but it is easily recycled locally at Albury Waste Management Centre and can also be dropped off at Wodonga, Beechworth, Rutherglen, Corowa and Howlong transfer stations and its free for residential recycling!

Glass Being Recycled Locally

All glass bottles and jars placed in the yellow lidded recycling bin are taken, sorted and crushed at Cleanaway’s Albury Material Recovery Facility and is recycled locally. Approximately 12 – 15 tonnes of glass bottles and jars are recycled in Albury daily.

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